Why you should have a million kids (also, a short lesson in hyperbole).

 I somehow doubt that my parents woke up every morning of our childhood and thought to themselves, “Boy, it sure is easy raising seven kids. No problems at all!” I also doubt that Sam’s parents have spent every one of the last 35 years (sorry Tarah) in absolute bliss as they raised their five children.

But the gift they have given us as adults is valuable beyond measure. Because now? Now we have the best kinds of friends we could ask for. Siblings we love. Siblings with spouses and kids we love. Siblings who make our lives rich and beautiful.

They make you laugh.

They let you live with them when your life is a mess.

They teach your kids how to make applesauce.

They share life with you.

They make good kids and love on yours.

They skype kiss your infant.

They take care of you.

They give you advice. 

They write books for your baby and cry when they have to say goodbye. 

They help you birth your daughter and cry when she is born. 
They marry good people. 

They become your best friends.

We have one little baby. And she’s the best. And it’s hard. Adding more kids?
That’ll just make it harder.

But what a gift to give, ya know? What a gift to give. 

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