i mean, who needs deodorant anyways?

Did you know that babies have intense, predictable growth spurts that are universal in their timing? Me neither. So imagine my surprise when my daughter decided to eat every 1.5 hours yesterday. Let’s do that math together.
If a Clara leaves the station every 1.5 hours, takes 30 minutes to eat and burp, and then 10 minutes to cry and fall asleep, what time of the day will her mommy take a shower? 

a) First thing in the morning because that’s hygienically sound.
b) At least by lunch time because that seems plausible, even for the hassled mom of an infant.
c) 4:00 p.m., just in time to go to work by 5.

The answer is C. A quick, get all of this dried up milk out of my hair and throw on some make up so I can go teach Wednesday night kids church, 4:00 p.m. shower.

I mean, for goodness sake, I have ONE baby. Imagine if I had twins…or triplets…or even if Clara already had siblings. I’d be a crusty old milky mess sad sack of a mother, I imagine.
I can only be thankful for the encouragement that I get from so many people- thank you, by the way- and yesterday, especially from my sisters.

Jamilyn came over to visit and eat lunch (she has two babies of her own and it soooorrrrrt of boggles my mind that she gets so much done and gets out of the house so easily) and secretly did all of my dishes before she left.

Becca came with her two little ladies for a visit and brought me a beautiful cover for the baby’s carseat, AND watched Clara while I wrangled myself through a cloud of hairspray and mascara.

I also got a note from my brother’s wife, my sister of the heart, Sarah. A note she sent out of nowhere that reminds me I am loved.

I have amazing sisters.
I have a really cute baby.

And sometimes that’s all you can count on to get through 
a 4:00 p.m. shower kind of a day.

right, speaking of hairspray and my big teeth…
jessie becca jamilyn julianne


oh hey- look what I finally got to do last night. 

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