the Horney villagers

I want to show you guys Clara’s nursery. Not because I think it’s a masterpiece of design, or even because I want you to admire her little space. I mean, who gives a crap about nurseries anyways?Besides obsessive moms-to-be wasting hours on websites entirely dedicated to the art of building a perfect room for your baby? No one.
p.s. I definitely did that all spring.

 I want to show you her room because it the best way to describe how I want to raise my family.

Every single inch of Clara’s room showcases the talents and kindness of people we love. It is a symphony of their creations, a sweet song dedicated to our baby and her future. And I love it.

1. The white bookshelves that her Poppi built. I pray that she will see those sturdy, solid wood shelves and know that her Poppi and Papa will always have sturdy, solid, Godly advice for her.

2. The books that YOU gave her. I asked people to give her books at her baby showers instead of cards. I would throw cards away, and lose the kind words inside. But now she has a wall full of books, which are full of little notes of love and encouragement. When she thinks the whole world is unfair or (though goodness knows this would never happen) she thinks her parents are the worst, she’ll have all of these notes to remind her that she is indeed cherished. Feel free to add to this wall- just make sure you put a note inside the book 🙂

3. A heart mobile from her Grandma. I had a big idea for a heart mobile but absolutey no idea how to execute it, so my mom took over and made this sweet piece from my big mess. I pray this mobile is a reminder that there is love all around her, and that her Grandma and her Nona are the curators of love in her family.

4. The Eiffel Tower that her Aunt Jamilyn painted. I saw a print like this online that was super expensive, and my little sister said she would “just paint it for me.” And she did. My little girl has 8 aunts who adore her and who will stand the gap when I am simply not enough. I can’t begin to express how thankful I am for those women in my life and hers.

5. The Little Prince print, from Cassidy’s honeymoon in France. It’s a tiny reminder of wonderful stories, grand adventures, and favorite friends who will teach her how to live and laugh BIG!

6. The dresser that I bought on Craig’s List. Her Aunt Becca and Uncle Mitch wrangled their two little girls over to our house and helped us sand and paint the nursery furniture to my liking. I hope that pretty dresser and nightstand remind her that anything can be made better with some hard work and help from others.

8. I love to rock her in the green glider. Sam’s siblings and family bought it for us, and when I kiss her soft skin while she sleeps in my arms, I know that she has a whole family committed to her comfort and safety.

9. A crib from our Wolfe pack. I sort of love that she’ll sleep where the Wolfe cubs slept, almost as much as I love our dear friends and the way they support us- our marriage, our lives, and now as new parents. They are very important to our family!

10. We’ll measure our kids on that beautiful wooden ruler that Tally made for us. It’s a great central place to keep our family growth memories, and a showcase of Tally’s skills and the Harding’s friendship.

11. Aunt Alene made the colorful garland draped across the wall. It is bright and pretty and makes her room a happy place to be, just like Alene makes everywhere she is a happy place to be.

12. Those frames hold “Clara’s Prayer” in french. It says “Thank You Lord for Clara, may she always be a light.” I’ve prayed that over her since she was in my belly, and breathe it every time I think of the life in front of her.

13. Yellow walls that Aunt Becca and Leanne painted for me when I was 8 months pregnant. What a gift, right? I’m so thankful for other moms in my life who encourage me and give me such amazing examples to follow.

14. I wanted the ceiling in Clara’s room painted, which is an annoying and difficult job that her perfectionist of a father took every care to do just right. So every time Clara lays in bed and stares at this yellow ceiling, I hope it’s a reminder of the way her dad loves her, and his committment to doing things the right way the first time.

Sam and I know ‘it takes a village.’ And we are over the moon thankful for our Horney village, who will help us raise our kids and keep our family intact. We love you guys.

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