5 months came roaring in…

Monster outfits courtesty of her cousins, by way of Uncle Robert and Aunt Malia two Christmases ago.
These bad boys are getting their use, you guys. 

Today was one of those fleeting days when I start to panic. 

Maybe it’s because Clara turned five months old yesterday. (Happy Birthday, Smoochie!)

Or maybe it’s because Clara wore her first pair of skinny jeans today. (There is no happiness like a package in the mail, full of Baby Gap skinny jeans from Nona and Poppi. I might have danced around and made her try ALL of them on, despite loud protests.)

Maybe it’s because I had to leave Clara for an entire TORTUOUS afternoon of class today.  How did I ever think I wouldn’t want to stay home with my kids?
(Hey, not a mom yet younger Jessie- just you wait.)
Thank the Good Lord I get to leave my daughter with my own wonderful Mom. There is no baby sitter like a grandma, am I right?

Maybe I can’t handle my friends’ “new” babies turning one years old, and people I was pregnant alongside getting pregnant again. I just want to hold my hand firmly to the sun and shout “HEY! FLAMING ORB OF PROGRESS! STOP MOVING! I NEED MORE DAYS WITH MY BABY!”

But time keeps rolling along. Clara keeps changing and growing up.
And quite frankly, it’s terrible.

So, in order to combat this awful grasping feeling in my sad soul, I will be thankful for good things in our life lately.

-Clara is learning to sleep again. In her own room, which we secretly hate, but we know it’s for the best. ‘Cause the parental unit up in heeya is tired, folks. Sweet dreams, Smooch!
-Spring semester started this week. My schedule is set up so I’m only gone half-days, four days a week, with my mom and sisters taking care of the baby while I’m gone. There’s enough to be thankful about in that sentence alone.
-I’ve seen a few miracles this week and guess what? I WORSHIP A GREAT BIG AMAZING GOD!
-You guys. Clara is getting SO fun. She pretends to walk, pretends to talk, loves getting tossed around, laughs when we tickle her, laughs when we ‘sneak’ up on her, laughs when we kiss her. Sam and I full on sprint to her nursery when we hear her waking up from naps, fighting at her door to get in first. Because whoever walks in first wins the “great nap, feeling good, oh HEY MOM AND DAD!’ smile that she throws out- and it is the absolute best.
-Since Clara is going to bed at a reasonable hour now, and sleeping in her own room, Sam and I have more time together at night. And also an empty bedroom. So. You know. Read the blog title.

Today is fleeting, and so is every other day. I have to pause, look around, and REMEMBER these moments with my teensy Smoochie monster. I must!
I will!

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