suck it, applesauce.

My hesitation in feeding real people food to Clara stems from two places. (two selfish places.)
1. Sounds messy.
2. Sounds time consuming.

Ok, three selfish places-
3. It’ll probably make her diapers smell bad.

Also, admitting that she is old enough for solids feels like she might be moving out tomorrow. It’s terrible. I know a lot of people think we’re crazy, but in this house we dread every passing moment  in our baby’s life. Call us weird, or obsessive, or gluttons for punishment, but sometimes we just want our newborn back. She’s changing too fast!

Sitting up for playtime? Drop dead adorable, but also depressing.
Nursing in five minutes flat rather than a meandering thirty? Convenient, but the end of long stolen moments together.
Curious about the world around her? Amazing to watch, but remember when WE were her whole world? Now she just wants to feed herself and stand up on our laps and for all I know she’s using nap times to apply to law school or plan her freaking wedding.

And now, with damp, sticky banana hands rubbing our faces and tart applesauce smell on her round cheeks…it’s all too much for these Horney parents.

But also, she is giving WORLD CLASS hugs lately. She’s laughing at our funny (that’s subjective) little songs. She loves her story time at night. She takes weekend trips with us like a champ. And for the love of our Lord on high, that kid can rock a pair of skinny jeans and her hair bows with the ease of any ol’ Baby Gap model.
I remember our pediatrician telling us that every stage seems like the most fun…until you get to the next stage. Looking at my two week old daughter, I silently called him a nut. And now here we are,

and every day shines brighter than the last.

Alright, Dr. Roy, alright.
I agree, you handsome son of a gun.
It does keep getting better.

Happy 6 months, Clara Noelle.
You are a bright constellation, 
a million stars to light the new picture in our lives.

We love you. 

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