two kids.

Whenever people ask me how many kids I want, or what I want my family to look like, I’m all,
“I want four little girls. But I also really want a son, and he’d need a brother… so two boys? Or actually, I want to have two girls, then four little boys, and then probably two more girls to round it out.” 

And then I’m all, wait, that’s eight kids.

Don’t tell Sam.

Speaking of Sam, he’s out of town this week, so I took Clara to visit him yesterday. I packed our overnight gear and we headed up to the mountains for a quick stay. He’s working in the same small town where my very favorite cousins live, so bam! Two birds one stone, my friends. We invited Cassidy and Amelia along on our roadtrip- one of my best friends and my 2 year old niece, respectively- and HELLO.

A toddler and a baby are a much different beast than just a baby. There were diaper blowouts, a dramatic cheerio incident at the hotel continental breakfast, someone ended up topless at the pool, and I think I might have slept about three hours last night.

And you guys, Clara can’t even really move yet. (She’s almost 8 months old and still doesn’t roll to get places. I would be concerned, until I realize that she’s been carried around like an Egyptian princess the last eight months, and might actually start moving on her own now that we set her down and force her to roll over for toys she can’t reach? I’ll keep you updated.) So it’s not like I had to chase two kids, you know? Although she is perhaps the chattiest baby I’ve ever met, so when combined with her delightful and wild cousin Amelia, it’s one fast and loud party. And one tired mommy (Aunt Boo Boo to some). Our night ended with me, Sam, and Cassidy huddled on the floor in our hotel room, drinking wine by the light of the bathroom and reading news reports about Boston while the little girls slept a few feet away.
Pretty classy weekend, all in all.

After 24 hours with those two girlies, 24 hours that included Cassidy’s constant help, by the way, I think maybe I’ll take a beat on trying for Smoochie part two.

I was telling Sam we needed another baby before he’d even cut Clara’s umbilical cord, but yeesh. Am I just crazy?

I mean, I want 8 kids. That might be certifiably crazy.
I’ll keep you updated.

Horney hot tub party, hey now! 
 the girls and cousin Tad- what a boy, always got a stick in hand 🙂

her first swing ride! she found it underwhelming. and delicious. 

love these babes! 

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