Pregnancy Diaries: 16 weeks

If you missed this fun video, you might want to go watch it. 

The other day I was irritated at Sam because he told me:
“You may have set the world record for longest time leaving clean laundry in the basket.”

He was folding said laundry so he could go to bed without worrying about it (I think, I don’t know why else anyone would fold clothes at 10 p.m.).
So I said:
“Surely you know that I’ve left clean laundry MUCH longer than this. It’s only been like, four days.”

His mouth dropped open and he laughed while sorting out socks.
“Four days is outrageous! I can’t believe how casually you say that. Four days!”

Alright, so this is just one of the many reasons that Sam does the laundry at our house. He slowly took over this chore because he couldn’t handle my way of doing things.

1. How could I possibly remember which t-shirts, jeans, and sweatpants he wants me to hang dry? WHO HANG DRIES SWEATPANTS?

2. I don’t mind washing the clothes. I just don’t like putting them away. That’s what the furniture in my bedroom is for: to hold clean laundry until I’m ready to wear it again.

3. But why, Sam, why do we have to check the lint trap between every single load? And clean it out so often? Let’s be reasonable here.

So Sam does all the laundry at our house and he is really good at it, and I am thankful every single Monday when I have all of my clothes clean and put away for a new week. I tell him this all the time, but last week I decided to help a brotha out and do the laundry for once in my life. I got all the way through it, washed AND put away, until the last bit. Then I got tired of folding and just left it in the basket for later. At least four days later, turns out. Which is why Sam takes care of our clothes.

There are a number of things he is just plain better at than I am. Laundry. Car maintenance. Paying bills on time. Making dentist appointments. Remembering meetings. Besides the fact that he’s super hot and still has the abs of an 18 year old (seriously, they are tight) (sorry mom and dad) (and sam’s mom and dad), Sam is totally my better half. I am creative and imaginative and chock full of feelings, he is steady and good and responsible and wonderful.

Which explains why, after a particularly lousy day of morning sickness, weepiness, and forgetting to drink enough water, I commented that it’s too darn bad he can’t carry our children. Because he would do pregnancy RIGHT. Down to the actual giving up of coffee and exercising 30 minutes a day. Neither of us were shocked when he nodded yes, he agreed, that he would be the better choice to bear our babies.

Someday, babe. In a much better world. Until then, keep reminding me to take my prenatal vitamins and also… Thank you for taking care of us. We love you and our neatly folded pajamas very very much.

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