a dolla makes you holla (at the pumpkin patch)

We went to the pumpkin patch with our friends a couple of weeks ago (just like every other family in the world, no?) and it was fun to see Clara wander away from us, running and yelling, wide-eyed and ecstatic to feel free in the great big world. She marched around on that hay like she owned the place, fell on her face more than once (those furry boots are a size too big and hard to walk in, so sue me! That girl’s foot is still a size 2 and I’m tired of waiting to get out of crib shoes) and she thought she was very, very grown up. We could tell. So much so that we opened her a saving’s account that very afternoon in the pumpkin patch, because a local bank was there with a money-wind machine thing that we wanted to try, ha! Any cash you could collect in 30 seconds you got to put into your new account. You’re welcome, Clara. Daddy worked hard for that $10. Now go to college. 
Smoochie the adventurer. 

  Penelope and Aunt Chelsea
 Clara and Finn, just chatting. 
 Clara comforting Oliver during a little meltdown. 
Amanda’s newest love, the sweet Piper. 

Cassidy and Finn and the sun on their backs. 

Penelope and Oliver on the hay ride

Happy Autumn, everyone 🙂 
May your harvest days be filled with furry boots and flying dollar bills.  

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