we’re raising ambassadors.

My sisters Becca and Jamilyn and my best friend Amanda and I took our 11 kids to the park for a picnic the other day. Towards the end of our afternoon we saw all of the big kids in this play boat structure with an Asian man and his son. Ella, Jamilyn’s 3 year old, was talking the poor guy’s ear off. We heard her telling him every single one of their names, their mother’s names, which dress is her favorite, etc etc more useless three year old information. (It’s a good thing she doesn’t know her parents’ social security numbers. Or her address.)

Anyways, this guy is either one of the special grown ups who are at the park having lunch or he is incredibly patient, because he lets all of our loud children chatter at him for a long time, listening intently without saying anything at all. They’re all clearly enamored with an adult who cares about their meandering, pointless stories. When there’s finally a break in the barrage, we hear him saying emphatically,

“No English. Just Chinese.”

The kids stared at him blankly.
Amelia, Becca’s 3 year old, got up right in his face and said with her arms crossed,

“So… you speak Spanish, or what?”

from a different park day. but you get the idea. 

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