hey girl, relax.

I was worried, you know, about Clara’s birthday.
I felt guilty for not throwing her a fun party with her fun little friends,
even though I knew
she would have been stressed with that kind of attention from a crowd.
I just wanted her birthday to be wonderful,
and exciting,
and I wanted her to know, somehow, some way,
how immensely she is loved.
If only I could plan the most perfect day,
then she would know how much she means to us.
Then the day came and still,
I had no good plans.
We couldn’t go far because Sam was on call,
so our options were limited on activities.
What, what, what could we do to celebrate our daughter
in the biggest brightest way?
I was worried.
But then,
of course,
because Grandmas know best (like we’ve discussed)
Clara’s Nona reminded me that
all it takes to make Clara happy is,
of course,
And her dad.
And her little brother.
You throw in a few new story books, princess high heels from her useless aunts,
and a birthday card that sings and shakes?
She thinks the world could not be a better place.
This two year old of mine, she knows what she likes.
I gotta relax.
For a few weeks,
every time we asked Clara what she wanted for her birthday, she said,
“I want a purple happy cake, mama.”
Confession: We had no idea what that meant.
We also did not know that she knew her colors (thanks, Bubble Guppies).
But I did my best.
I made that thing with a lot of love.
(And butter and sugar).
And she loved her purple happy cake.
And we love her.
This picture is a reminder to me that when I want
and I want
and I think that somehow, some way,
I can make everything alright in this world if I just try hard enough,
I gotta relax.
‘Cause usually,
it’s simple.
All I need to give is
 the love and effort and time it takes
to build a purple birthday cake.
Have a good week, friends. Be kind to each other, and to yourselves.
Even if it’s hard,
at least it’s simple.
high heels. perfect.

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