Stuff Clara says.

This morning Clara asked me if she could bring a quarter over to her friend’s house to show to him. I said, sure, I don’t care, just keep it in your pocket.

Right as we were leaving she paused, thought for a minute, and then said, “Hey Mommy? I should probably just leave this at home so it doesn’t get lost. I’ll go put it back.”



Watching me write in my journal.

Clara: What are you writing about, Mama?
Jessie: Well, I’m writing about you, actually.
Clara: ME? And my brother??
Jessie: Yep, and your brother.
Clara: Oh, THANK YOU, Mommy! Thank you.


7 a.m., a minute after she woke up and came into the living room. Before she could reach door handles.  

Jessie: Good morning, Smooch!
Clara:  (pointing towards the nursery in concern) Can you shut my door for me? I don’t want to wake Sammy up.


After eating a piece of spicy jerky.

Clara: Ahhh! Mom! My mouth is gone!


Hearing the crinkle of candy that I am secretly trying to eat.

Clara: (Calling from the back of the car) Hey, hey, hey. You got a treat for me too? easter5 2015

After a particularly traumatic doctor appointment (which would be all doctor appointments.)

Clara: I don’t like going to the doctor.
Jessie: Why not?
Clara: Cause I just want to stay home. Just Sammy can go next time. I’ll stay home and do yoga.



Sam is in bed one morning after working on-call all night. I try to tuck the baby in bed with him to earn a few more quiet minutes. Clara puts her hand on my arm and whispers firmly.

Clara: No, Mama. Let Daddy sleep.


Sam and I finally sit down for dinner with the kids after a hectic afternoon, and reach for each other’s hands over the table. He sighs.

Sam: Man. That was a long day.
Clara: (grabs our hands and lets out a huge long sigh. Shakes her head with her eyes closed.) Yeah, whew! Man. I’m tired too.


While she is using the bathroom.
Jessie: Ok, tell me when you’re done and I’ll come help. (Takes one step out the door.)
Clara: I’m done!
Jessie: (turning around) What?! Already?
Clara: (dying laughing) Just kidding! Just teasing you, Mom. I’m not done at all.


Clara: Hey mom, can I go outside?
Jessie: Sure. Go find your shoes.
Clara: (Stares at her feet, stares at me.)
Jessie: Clara- if you want to go outside, go get your shoes.
Clara: Uh, yeah, can I please just wear my feet?


During a sass-fest of disobedience. 
Clara, get over here right now. You don’t talk to me like that.
Clara:  No, YOU don’t talk to ME like that, Mom.


Coming into the kitchen after waking up, blinking at the lights and covering her face. 
Clara: Ah! My eyes are broken!


Coming home, walking into the house from the garage. Clara pauses dramatically in the doorway, stopping me and my hands full of groceries behind her.

Jessie: What are you doing? Go inside, please.
Clara: Mama! I can’t! I have gum in my mouth and I am NOT allowed to chew gum in the house.


Draped in fake jewelry and high heels. 
Mom- I need a mirror.


On a weekend morning when I am passive-aggressively trying to make Sam come help with breakfast and the kids.  
Hey Clara, why don’t you go see what Daddy’s doing?
Clara: (Goes to check on him in bed, trots back out moments later).
Jessie: Well? What’s he up to?
Clara: He’s just in bed, snuggling.
Jessie: Snuggling? With who?
Clara: His ipad.


IMG_7051The day Clara spent at an elementary school with her Nona (the school counselor). You know, just like all the other 2 1/2 year olds who love to sit in with kindergarten classes and listen to lessons. 

2 thoughts on “Stuff Clara says.

  1. that girl! i love her so much!! and… i don’t care what anyone says, i kind of think 2 year olds are the absolute best!!

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