I’m writing a book!

Hello, dear friends. How are your resolutions coming along? I’m doing a 30-day yoga challenge and I’m 1 for 1 on my daily practice, so… definitely crushing it. Next up: Curbing my sugar addiction.

Riiiiight after Valentine’s Day.

It’s a fresh year, you guys. What does 2018 look like for you? How do you imagine it unfolding? I’m a bundle of nerves, buzzing with ideas, and buzzing with anxiety over the ideas, but I am also firm with resolve. A lot of this is because of what I’m about to tell you. I’m nervous because saying it to you makes it real. In a swirl of contradiction, it IS actually the internet that makes things true.

I have some big news for you. And a big request.

You have supported me and encouraged me all these years as I’ve honed my writing, found my voice, and moved towards a career doing what I love. And I’ll still be writing here at Horney Mom Tells All, as well as some other places I can’t wait to tell you about, but I have something cool going on lately.

I’m writing a book. I’m writing a book! I hate exclamation points, but that’s how excited I am about this book and the topic! It’s a book about gender; specifically, a new way of talking about gender that has changed my entire life. And I think it will change yours. Since the book is sort of a whole new thing, I decided to create a new space for it, and for myself as an author. So I need you to do things:

  1. Click over to www.jessiehorney.com

This is the headquarters for the book. Go to the new website! SUBSCRIBE! You can watch a video about the book, you can read an excerpt from a chapter, you can click on some of your other favorite writing from my blog, and most importantly:

  1. Pre-order the book for $20

Ask yourself this: Has this space, has my writing, ever made you feel something? Has it touched you in some way? Have you ever felt compelled to share it with others? Has it made you think? Made you laugh? Made you cry? THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. Cause guess what? I’m crying and laughing and thinking of you the whole time I write it. Your support will help get this book into your hands!

I want to get 200 books pre-ordered before I shop the manuscript around to publishers, to make myself more appealing to their agencies. 200 is only a small fraction of you guys, my normal blog readers, but it still feels like a big number to me. Can we do it? I KNOW we can. So pre-order today! Oh and one last thing…


Anyone on the pre-order list gets invited to the book launch party! Which is gonna be killer. You get a signed copy of the book, and a chance to get crazy with me when it’s all finally finished! I throw a hell of a party, so this is reason enough to buy the book, trust me. You have until January 31 to pre-order!

Thank you so much, faithful readers and friends. You have given me confidence and motivation through good times and bad, and your faces are the ones on my mind as I tap out this book with my hands and my heart. I love you guys. This book is my love letter to us all.

www.jessiehorney.com (see you over there)




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