A Whole Horney Month

Hey, friends! I haven’t blogged straight atcha for a long while- it feels weird to write directly to you again. I’ve missed this! I’ve missed writing normal, boring, funny, every day mom stuff on here. This blog is 5 1/2 years old (always the same age as Clara, that precious first child who actually had entire blogs written about her milestones, not just tapped out Instagram posts…sorry Sam and Audrey). As a celebration of all these millions of words we’ve shared together, I want to do something fun for the month of May, and Mother’s Day.

You ready for this?

You’re going to get a blog EVERY SINGLE DAY this month.

Except yesterday. Lay off me.

Some will be oldies, classic HMTA posts, ones you may have loved or even may have tragically missed over the years. And some will be brand spanking new (although zero will be about spanking, because I don’t want you to break up with me). The new ones are a few essays, a few day-to-day observation posts, and a lot of OG Horney Mom style good times, mostly at my own expense.

Excited yet?

Here’s the thing: I’m sure if you’ve ever read my blog, it’s been through a Facebook link. But Facebook has changed significantly since I started, and it’s nearly impossible to get things shared around like we all used to do. The algorithm shifted and truth be told, if you’re not following my blog as an e-mail subscriber, you’re going to miss a lot of what I write.  So sign up to be a follower over there –>> on the sidebar. I can’t wait to see you around all month!

Here’s a peek at tomorrow’s post (an old classic). Any guesses?



Dudes, this is gonna be a fun month.


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