things we’re doing

Isn’t it bizarre not to be in school in October? 
Sometimes I just pretend that I’m at “college” with my “professor” and that it’s ok for her to poop in the middle of class or demand to see my boobs every couple of hours. 
So while you’re mulling over that (and don’t act like you’re not), here’s a few pictures of what this Horney family has been up to in October. Join us for…

A Horney Picture Roll

snuggling with cousins
snuggling with boo boo bear
hanging out with aunt jenna and the handsome T. Huntington
wearing tiny pink hoodies
licking daddy’s shoulder
going to friday night campfires
making s’mores with friends
hoping C turns out like T
giving the stink eye 
pretending we’re polar bear cubs
attempting (poorly) to wear jeans
enjoying cardigans
loving our kind brothers and the delicious
dinners they prepare.
 (well, most of us were appreciative.
some of us threw a fit.)

Oh Autumn, 

glad to meet you. 


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