same page

You guys.
It’s not easy to get a baby.
The cells and the bones and the tiny arch of the fingerprints- they are not easy.
Sometimes it all can happen quickly. We multiply.
Sometimes it does not. We crumble.
Or sometimes it does, and then without the slightest shred of decency or warning, this broken world hands over a quiet tragedy.

And I think, being this age in this place with my people,
I will need to suffer. Mourn with those who mourn.
And I will need to be thankful. Rejoice with those who rejoice.

So I’m going to pray with my loves who wait and worry,
and dig for my loves who are buried in grief,
and shout with my loves who are ready to celebrate.

But mostly I’m going to hold my girl tight.

Because it’s not easy to get a baby. Let’s not forget that.

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