Complications (a celebration)

The thing about change is that it complicates things. You can’t just have one change; everything must change to accomodate that new thing that just changed (sentence structure, schmentence structure). Your new job. Your new house. Your lost job. Your lost house. Your new marriage or your old marriage.The loss of someone you love and the beginning of someone new to love. Your baby.

There are lots of changes happening at the Horney house. If this place were a lab and we were the experiment, here’s a visual of the results.

 Him + Her
= her.
The changes are impossible to even begin to count. 
We wipe spit up off our clothes instead of lint. 
There are bottles of milk in the fridge instead of bottles of wine.
 (Ok, that last one’s not true. We have both.)
Our laundry is full of little pink stretch pants. 
We sleep with a humidifier in our room and an infant next to our bed. 
We have less money.
We have more worries.
And ultimately, there’s a bunny chair in my living room.
One teeny tiny change and KABOOM, our world has exploded. But you know what? 
It’s good. 

Happy two month birthday, our sweet Clara Noelle. You make us laugh way more than you make us cry. 

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