week of lists: let’s have fun

It’s the kind of winter afternoon that fills my house with the bright reflection of snow covered yards, and this is on my tv.

My baby is tucked into my bed (she prefers to sleep like a grown up-  pillow and blankets included), while my brother and his wife lounge around our house. They’re here on holiday break, visiting from Boston and making the whole gem state feel a little bit cheerier.
My list today was supposed to be “stuff I could’ve done better.” But for goodness sakes, I’m feeling much too happy to list all of that business. ‘Cause yeah, there are more than a few things…anyways, instead, I present:

Choosing Joy 
“new stuff i loved this year”

1. i love the show Parenthood. Good golly that’s a well-written program. If you don’t laugh and cry at every episode- clean up your life.

2. i loved my radio production class last spring. The projects from that class are some of my favorite from all of college.
Here’s a link to a few of them in case anyone is interested. And by anyone I definitely mean my mom.
name the baby
i believe in regrets

3. i love hearing and reading other people’s birth stories. There is something about being big pregnant that makes other women want to tell you about their own labors and deliveries. I know this can be annoying to some girls, but it brought me such joy to hear about babies being born. Every single one of us is a miracle, and that ought to be celebrated through story telling. It’s like this one last vestige of oral history keeping, passed down from moms to daughters and friends and neighbors, a global tribe of women rejoicing with one another. I don’t care if you had an epidural at the hospital, chanted songs during your home birth, or finally got the phone call from an adoption agency that your baby was officially YOURS; I want to hear about it.

4. i love “wearing” my baby. Ok, so there is this bizarre subculture of people who believe that “wearing your baby” is the only way to give them hope for their future (my phrasing, not theirs). I think this is crazy talk, and I’m sort of embarrassed to admit how much I adore wearing my baby in a sling, but I do. There is nothing as sweet as her warm body next to mine as I clean up my house, or make a phone call, or go for a walk. It’s also convenient. So there you go: I’m a closet attachment weirdo.

5. i love a certain bunny chair. Who- tell me who- could have ever told me how strong my feelings would be towards this fuzzy little haven with floppy ears and whimsical flute solos? No one. That’s who.

6. i love clara noelle, of course. 

Happy Sunday, Horney readers 🙂

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