Happy 1st Birthday, Clara Noelle!

One year ago today I was moaning through some wicked contractions, wondering what you looked like and if I was going to die from pain. I would live that day a million times over if it meant another first year with you. 
I LOVE YOU Smoochie girl! 
Daddy got to come home last night and stay with us for just one day, and guess what?
So let’s eat pink pancakes for breakfast and party for a month and stay up late looking through all your pictures and admire the little girl you are becoming, because for goodness sakes…
You’re the most clever, obstinate, talkative, smart, beautiful, funny, wonderful baby we have ever met. And I’m pretty sure we have no bias in saying that.
Happy Birthday doll baby!

Parents. I am now one year old and I will decide whether or not I wear my birthday crown, 
thank you very much. 

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