bursting the bubble.

I don’t know who I’m more mad at right now: 

Myself for breaking out of our “quarantine” bubble earlier than I should have,


every kid I saw at the park with snot running down their face this afternoon. 

Shaky February sunshine flooded the pale grass of our valley today, so I met up with my sister Rebecca, my best friend Amanda, and their combined 6 kids to let Clara play outside. This 2 month long quarantine we’ve been under has been very effective. My kids are literally the only ones I know who haven’t had even the tiniest of colds or flu symptoms, miracle of miracles. But I figured it was time to ease back into society and let my daughter see her buddies again, especially on such a lovely sunny day. 

Being at home so long with baby Sam and Clara to try and protect them from germs has made me kind of crazy protective, and I wanted to backhand every single little kid I saw sneezing or coughing at the playground today. Germ mongers, every last one of them, I muttered to Becca and Amanda. But I made myself stay and let Clara have fun outside. It was fun to watch her play and run and laugh, it really was. 

Well. It is now 5:07 am and I have yet to sleep more than ten minutes at a time tonight because my son now has a nasty cold and can’t breathe out of his nose or sleep anywhere but on the slight incline of my chest. 

Currently hating everyone and everything. 
Send coffee. 
And hide your kids. 
Because I will slap the snot right off their adorable faces at this point. 

Signing off from my couch,
Scary Crazy Horney Mom

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